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Bonney Oil and Gas LTD are dedicated crude oil buyer and seller brokers or facilitators.

We achieve this oil brokering service by;

  1. By rapidly connecting potential qualified crude oil buyers with qualified sellers and facilitating the sale of bonny light crude oil, BLCO and petroleum products such as AGO, D2 diesel oil, Mazut and more.
  2. Setting up direct contact between qualified buyers and the  National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) and facilitating the buying of bonny light crude oil.
  3. Setting up a crude oil buying process that is secure and that speeds up the entire crude oil buying procedure that achieves results.


  • We specialize in brokerage and consultancy services for firms/persons wanting to venture into the jewelry designing industry where we source the raw material used for jewelry designing.
  • We specialize in brokerage and consultancy services for individuals wanting to venture into mineral resourcing.
  • We help individuals and companies source tailor made raw materials and give information of the legalities and advice on strategic approach to having success in the industry.


  • We have specialist who sources the rightful contact and information for starting an oil and gas firm and advisors in gas
  • We have a network of heavy duty machines rental companies that we connect clients to and duel with the technical formalities and the complex paper work associated with heavy machinery especially the industrial and guarantee liability on behalf of clients who uses us as long as the client passes our risk assessment
  • we make our money From commissions from our brokerage services .
  • We also get consultation fees from clients and also extra fees when clients wants us to arrange a driver to drive the heavy machines to their addresses or premises or a fee to arrange towing og the vehicles or machines we secure on lease/rent on their behalf.
  • We hire video marketing companies to market our services on specialized YouTube and Facebook video for paid advertisements that pops up when one is browsing YouTube and Facebook
  • Oil & Bottled Gas Quote – UK Gas & Heating Oil Kerosene available from 500L. DERV from 500L. LPG. Calor Cylinders. Gas Oil. Competitive honest pricing.


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